Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Everyday minerals haul (pictures, swatches) + nonpareilboutique order

Hey everyone!
I just placed my order at http://www.nonpareilboutique.com/, I got a lot of NYX stuff.
Especially lipsticks and lipglosses! =) But more about that later.
I got my everyday minerals order!! =D
I got a lot of nice stuff! I ordered a kit, in which you can pick 6 items.
I also made a video about it, you can check out my youtube account: Cookiiluvur
But now... Picturetime!! ^^
What did I get:

6 items in kit:
* Pressed powder in "Golden Fair"
Check the new packaging! It's so much better! =)
* Blush in "Nick Nack"
Sweet natural pink color.
* Foundation (intensive formula) in "Sunkissed Fair"
I already had this one from last year, but I almost ran out of it.
* Finishing Powder in "Finishing Dust"
I used to use "Silk Dust", but that one is discontinued.. Finishing dust is just as good.
* Concealer in "Pick Me Up Pink"
Love this stuff! You can use it as a primer, or even to get rid of redness. Great if you don't feel like wearing a lot of make-up that day.
* Brush, "Long Handled Kabuki"
I already had one of these, but just got a second one. :) They now have a bamboo handle, which I think, is much nicer than the old wooden handles!
Soft brush: & Cool new packaging:

* Puff Jar

Free sample kit:
* Concealer in "Mint"
* Blush in "Email Me"
* Foundation (intensive) in "Medium"
* Foundation (original glo) in "Medium"
* Foundation (original glo) in "Sunkissed Fair"
I put the foundations in the puff jar. Great for use one the go! =)

Free gifts:
* Eyeshadow in "Bird Bath"
A silver eyeshadow with a tiny hint of blue.
* Eyeshadow in "Mystic Night"
A dark smokey purple color with a bit of silver shimmer.
* Concealer in "Peach"

They now have closable sifter jars, which is great, because the powder won't get all over the place anymore.
Check the pictures:

The new jars are white, and it says what is inside on top! Nice!


From left to right: Nick Nack blush, Pick Me Up Pink concealer, Sunkissed Fair foundation, Finishing Dust finishing powder, Golden Fair pressed powder.

From left to right: Mystic Night eyeshadow, Email Me blush, Mint concealer, Bird Bath eyeshadow, Peach concealer.

Damn, that was a lot of work! :p
I hope that this was helpful!
Love, Hannah