Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Everyday minerals haul (pictures, swatches) + nonpareilboutique order

Hey everyone!
I just placed my order at http://www.nonpareilboutique.com/, I got a lot of NYX stuff.
Especially lipsticks and lipglosses! =) But more about that later.
I got my everyday minerals order!! =D
I got a lot of nice stuff! I ordered a kit, in which you can pick 6 items.
I also made a video about it, you can check out my youtube account: Cookiiluvur
But now... Picturetime!! ^^
What did I get:

6 items in kit:
* Pressed powder in "Golden Fair"
Check the new packaging! It's so much better! =)
* Blush in "Nick Nack"
Sweet natural pink color.
* Foundation (intensive formula) in "Sunkissed Fair"
I already had this one from last year, but I almost ran out of it.
* Finishing Powder in "Finishing Dust"
I used to use "Silk Dust", but that one is discontinued.. Finishing dust is just as good.
* Concealer in "Pick Me Up Pink"
Love this stuff! You can use it as a primer, or even to get rid of redness. Great if you don't feel like wearing a lot of make-up that day.
* Brush, "Long Handled Kabuki"
I already had one of these, but just got a second one. :) They now have a bamboo handle, which I think, is much nicer than the old wooden handles!
Soft brush: & Cool new packaging:

* Puff Jar

Free sample kit:
* Concealer in "Mint"
* Blush in "Email Me"
* Foundation (intensive) in "Medium"
* Foundation (original glo) in "Medium"
* Foundation (original glo) in "Sunkissed Fair"
I put the foundations in the puff jar. Great for use one the go! =)

Free gifts:
* Eyeshadow in "Bird Bath"
A silver eyeshadow with a tiny hint of blue.
* Eyeshadow in "Mystic Night"
A dark smokey purple color with a bit of silver shimmer.
* Concealer in "Peach"

They now have closable sifter jars, which is great, because the powder won't get all over the place anymore.
Check the pictures:

The new jars are white, and it says what is inside on top! Nice!


From left to right: Nick Nack blush, Pick Me Up Pink concealer, Sunkissed Fair foundation, Finishing Dust finishing powder, Golden Fair pressed powder.

From left to right: Mystic Night eyeshadow, Email Me blush, Mint concealer, Bird Bath eyeshadow, Peach concealer.

Damn, that was a lot of work! :p
I hope that this was helpful!
Love, Hannah

Thursday, May 14, 2009

88 Shimmer palette!

Hey everyone!
I got my 88 ultra shimmer palette a while ago! You can get this palette at http://www.coastalscents.com/, but I live in Europe, so I got it at http://www.zoeva-shop.de . Zoeva is an online store in Germany, they ship really fast, if you live in Europe: check their site out.
I've been wanting this palette for a really long time, but just didn't got it yet. But now I finally have it! I am so happy with my luvly 88 shimmer palette!
My sister got the contour & blush palette, which is lovely too! I will post swatches if she is o.k. with it, but I'll have to ask her first.

Without flash:

With flash: (omg check those amazing colors!)


( I used some too faced shadow insurance as a base, and just applied the colors dry)
Nice shimmer!

GOSH! Look how pigmented the colors are!!!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this AMAZING (o.k. I think that you get my point.. :p) palette!
You can make some crazy bold looks with these colors, but you could also go for a more natural look, since it also has some brown and natural colors.
I already made an awesome look with this palette, more about that later!
Thank you for your time,
Love, Hannah

Monday, May 4, 2009

Review: The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom puree bodylotion

Hey everyone!
I went to the body shop, and I got a body lotion, and here is the review:

What the website says about it:

Best if you want to: Delight your skin using a lightweight moisturizer that softens, smoothes and hydrates with the whisper of a sensual floral scent.
Best for: normal skin
Notes: Fuji apple, chinese magnolia, osmanthus flower, star jasmine, japanese cherry blossom, japanese persimmon, sandalwood, hinoki wood, fruity musk
How it works:
Japanese cherry blossom extract is traditionally renowned for its soothing properties.
Community Trade organic olive oil effectively smoothes, softens and conditions skin.
My opinion:
First of all, I have to say that it smells delicious! :)
It is a very fresh scent, great for the summer.
I really like that it comes with a pump, that way you won't use too much.
It has a really weird consistency, when you pump, it is a really light lotion, and it has a light pink/white color. But when you spread it out, it becomes clear, and is very watery.
It has a little bit of a cooling effect, it is very fresh.
And just one pump is enough for your entire arm!
It really is a lightweight moisturiser. :)
What I don't like about it is that your hands can feel a bit sticky after using it.
So: A great body lotion to use in the summer. Because it smells so fresh and has a bit of a cooling effect. Great if you are looking for a lightweight bodylotion.

Rate: (10 highest, 1 lowest)

I hope that this was helpful for you! Byebye!

-x- Hannah

MAC haul!! (fix+ and dainty)

Hey everyone!
I went to the MAC counter, and got some stuff!

In the bag:

What did I got?:

FIX+ and mineralized blush in 'dainty'

Dainty: (closed and opened)

It is such a pretty pink color with a little golden shimmer. What the MAC website says about it:

Light yellow pink with gold pearl

I absolutely adore this color, I think that it might be my favorite blush at the moment! :)


And I also (finally!) got the fix+ spray!

What the MAC website says about it:

An aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi. Adds radiance, finishes makeup. Spray it on. Skin drinks it up!
I love to spray this over my face when I'm done with my make up, to fix it. It also great when you apply your eyeshadow with a little bit of this on your brush. Because of the glycerin that is in it, the color becomes a lot more intense and vibrant.
And I love love love the scent of this stuff! It smells so nice! :)
Well.. that was it for now, ttyl!
~xx~ Hannah

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My everyday minerals blushes

Hey everyone!

I own four everyday minerals blushes:



1= snuggle
2= jingle bells
3=all smiles
4= nick nack

I think that I like Nick Nack and Snuggle the best, they are both really cute pink colors.
All smiles is a bit more orange/peachy, and jingle bells (a free sample with christmas) is a very shimmery pink/purple.

I really LOVE everyday minerals blushes, they have a lot of colors, shimmer, matte, sheen, etc. I think that there is a great color for everyone! :)

xoxo Hannah

Coastal Scents haul!

Hey everyone!

I got my coastal scents haul. I already own some of their brushes, and I must say: they are great!

What did I got? (from left to right)
- Large paddle face brush ($9,95)
- White angled liner brush ($2,19)
- Oval camoflage brush ($3,49)
- Pink synthetic oval foundation brush ($3,99)

I am really happy with the stuff I got!

Large paddle face brush: This one really is LARGE. I think that that is really cool. You could use it for powder to set your foundation, or even bronzer. One thing that I didn't like about this brush: it isn't very soft, it is a bit harsh for your face. I was a bit dissapointed in that, because I expected much from this one. But overall it is a nice big fluffy powder brush!
White angled liner brush: This is such a great little brush for eyeliner if you want to make a thin line! I used to apply my fluidline with a angled brush, but it was a bit too big, and didn't really work for me. But now I have this one, applying my fluidline is a lot easyer! Great brush!
Oval camouflage brush: This is a great concealer brush. It is synthetic, and I really like how stiff it is. Also a very nice brush.
Pink synthetic oval foundation brush: I have not tried this one with my foundation yet, but it is also great to apply your concealer with. I like to use it with mineral concealer. It is a very soft and awesome brush.

I hop that this was helpful, xoxo Hannah

Everyday minerals samples swatches!

Hey everyone!

So.. I got my EDM sample kit a while ago, but just totally forgot to make pictures. So here they are anyway;

I ordered this kit because I wanted to pick the right foundation color so that I could order a BIG kit again. Unfortunately, none of the colors worked for me.
But it's ok, because I'm using liquid foundation now anyway.

I also ordered the Beige- sandy fair foundation, but I mixed that one with some other colors in a mixing jar to get the right color for me. That way, if I want to wair mineral foundation (if I want to give my skin some rest) I still can! :)

1= Buff- ivory (foundation)
2= Cool- fair medium (foundation)
3= Intensive fair (concealer)
4= Nick Nack (blush)

I do like the intensive fair concealer, it is great for under eye concealing! And the nick nack blush is gorgeous! It is a very nice pinky color, I think that it has a bit of shimmer in it, but I don't think that that will show on your face.

Everyday minerals is a great brand, and if you want to try it, I really recommend to order a sample kit on their website.

xoxo Hannah

Friday, April 17, 2009

Review Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I found my new love.. My lovely Revlon Colorstay Foundation!
Before this one, I used only mineral powder (everyday minerals).. But I love this stuff so much better!!
I wanted a foundation that offers me a little bit more coverage, because I have some acne, and also some old acne scars.. And trust me: this foundation absolutely is what I was looking for!
I have it in the formula for combination/oily skin, this one offers SPF 6.

+ Pro's:
-Great coverage
-Not too expensive
-A lot of colors available
-Doesn't break me out

-SPF 6

- Con's:
-Dries really really fast, so you have to do one part of your face at a time
-The glass bottle doesn't have a pump, so sometimes there comes way to much out of the bottle for your face

I have it in shade 02: Buff and I think that I'm about NC20, but I'm not sure because I have never used MAC fix fluid.. I'm sorry.. :(

I also have the Revlon colorstay pressed powder (in light) and it works great with the foundation! It will help to set your make-up, and overall: I LOVE THIS DUO! I use them every single day! :)

So, if you were looking for a great liquid foundation: check out the revlon colorstay!

xoxo Hannah

Also: check out my video about applying this foundation with a stippling brush:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My CherryCulture haul + review

Hey Everyone!
Here it is: my CherryCulture haul!!

From left to right:
Top: Rouge cream blush in "Rose Petal"- Round lipstick in "Electra" - Girls Round Lipgloss in "Whipped"
LA Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow Palette in "Tea Time"

I used Shadow Insurance under it.

I really like all these products. I haven't tried the lashes yet, I'm kinda new into using them. Will try it later.
The cream blush is a little to dark for me, but it could be a nice color for in the summer.
And the "electra" lipstick is THE PERFECT RED COLOR! I was hoping for it to be this color! I think that it would look great if you are going to a party.
The whipped lipgloss is also a nice color, you could use with basically everything, because it is kind of a nude color.
The LA colors palette is also a great buy. It was only $3,- . You could use this one to create a natural everyday look.
And about the free lipgloss: It smells/tastes like cherry, what I kinda like. It is just a red sheer lipgloss. Actually, I like it, although it was free :p
You get it with every order, but with my last order I didn't get it. But that was okay, because else I would have 3 of them by now..
I hope that this was helpfull!
Kiss Kiss,

EDM sample kit

Hey everyone!
I use everyday minerals for about a year now, but it looks like my skin has a different color now. I am currently using a pressed powder foundation by EDM, in the color: "fairly light neutral".
But I dropped it and the powder is totally ruined! It broke.. :(

I do still have my old loose foundations.. In the colors "sunkissed fair" & "medium", but they are too dark for me right now. I don't know why, they used to be just fine.. :s

I thought: maybe I should try a new loose foundation, so I started searching for all the foundation samples that I collected in time, and they were all totally the wrong color! I don't know what to do anymore.. :p

So.. what did I do?? I ordered a FREE sample kit again! :D (you only have to pay for shipping)

You can choose:
x 3 foundations
x 1 blush
x 1 concealer

I chose:
Cool-Fair Medium (Intensive)
Beige-Sandy Fair (Intensive)
Buff-Ivory (Intensive)
Nick Nack Blush
Intensive Concealer Fair

I really really hope that one of those colors will work out for me!
If there is one that does, I can order a big kit again! YEAY! :D

For everyone who wants to try out mineral makeup/foundation:
Go to: http://www.everydayminerals.com/
Select "kits"--> Select "Free sample kit" and pick your colours!

Please leave a comment, xx Hannah

Saturday, March 7, 2009

How I wash my brushes

Hi everybody! :)

I made a video about how I wash my brushes! ^^

I use the MAC brush cleanser, because I prefer that, but you could also use baby shampoo, and just wash them the same way.

I will also upload the video on my youtube account.

Hope you like it! :)

xx Hannah

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hello Everyone, ;)

I am so sorry, I should post a lot more often, I know, I've just been busy lately..
Horrible, I know..
Soo.. what have I been up to..?
I bought like SOO MUCH STUFF! Omg I can't believe that I am not broke yet.. :p


* Eyeko (freakin great!! will make a video!)

* Too Faced Shadow Insurance (great primer!)

* And.. Cherry Culture! Also great!

I should make videos about it.. (REVIEWS!) But I'm really being dumb.. because I lost the cable for my camera.. So stupid.. I can't find it anywhere! ARGGH! :S

But just to give you an idea..... ^^:
(different colors ofcourse..)

Reviews will come soon! ;)

xx Hannah