Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hello Everyone, ;)

I am so sorry, I should post a lot more often, I know, I've just been busy lately..
Horrible, I know..
Soo.. what have I been up to..?
I bought like SOO MUCH STUFF! Omg I can't believe that I am not broke yet.. :p


* Eyeko (freakin great!! will make a video!)

* Too Faced Shadow Insurance (great primer!)

* And.. Cherry Culture! Also great!

I should make videos about it.. (REVIEWS!) But I'm really being dumb.. because I lost the cable for my camera.. So stupid.. I can't find it anywhere! ARGGH! :S

But just to give you an idea..... ^^:
(different colors ofcourse..)

Reviews will come soon! ;)

xx Hannah

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