Thursday, May 14, 2009

88 Shimmer palette!

Hey everyone!
I got my 88 ultra shimmer palette a while ago! You can get this palette at, but I live in Europe, so I got it at . Zoeva is an online store in Germany, they ship really fast, if you live in Europe: check their site out.
I've been wanting this palette for a really long time, but just didn't got it yet. But now I finally have it! I am so happy with my luvly 88 shimmer palette!
My sister got the contour & blush palette, which is lovely too! I will post swatches if she is o.k. with it, but I'll have to ask her first.

Without flash:

With flash: (omg check those amazing colors!)


( I used some too faced shadow insurance as a base, and just applied the colors dry)
Nice shimmer!

GOSH! Look how pigmented the colors are!!!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this AMAZING (o.k. I think that you get my point.. :p) palette!
You can make some crazy bold looks with these colors, but you could also go for a more natural look, since it also has some brown and natural colors.
I already made an awesome look with this palette, more about that later!
Thank you for your time,
Love, Hannah

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